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Remember: Your Students are People Too

December 9, 2011

A friend of mine is a sort of dormitory ‘mom’ (don sounds too mafia like…) and arrived zombie-like to a recent meeting. She’d been up all night, called to deal with a student who was hearing voices, paranoid, etc…

Once they finally ensured he was safe and got him to sleep, the next morning he was off to his classes before a meeting with the proper professionals. Yes, he could have been in your class after a night of paranoid pacing, screaming and anxiety.

It was a not so subtle reminder that the students in our classes are often dealing with much bigger issues than reading Chapter 7. Professors often give little leniency to students who are often guilty until proven innocent but this is a reminder to engage students, care about them beyond their work, and from time to time cut them a little slack because, after all, they’re human just like you.

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